Our Stay at Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa

O and I planned for a short getaway this September at Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa. I’m not a big fan of  Sentosa … but I thought… there’s always a first time right? And the fact that it was at Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa got me curious – Mövenpick? You mean the ice-cream brand? So you can imagine all the thoughts of opening the hote mini fridge to see tubs and tubs of chocolate ice-cream came to my mind. :p Alright, so I was curious and I was keen on a staycation, so O booked a room for us. That was 3 months ago! 🙂

We drove in to Sentosa and paid $6 bucks. It’s quite worth it if the car had more passengers.

Hello, Sentosa! 🙂

The hotel is very near to the entrane of Sentosa. It didn’t take us long before we found the place. The good location helped as it we rarely drive in to Sentosa and weren’t very sure where to go.

Upon checking in, we were presented with two cups of Movenpick ice-cream. Yummy! The front desk staff were lovely. They were efficient and very friendly. We were also presented with a pair of passes which were valid for 3 days and would allow us to go in and out of Sentosa as and when we like. The passes were really great as  O and I were able to make trips to Vivocity for fun and for our dinner. 🙂

The helpful front desk also noted and informed us that those born in the year 1972 (the BF!) would enjoy special privileges in Sentosa as apparently, Sentosa was born in 1972 too! Guess our surprise! 🙂

The hotel is currently undergoing renovation and hence the exterior / the construction was not a beautiful sight. However, it wasn’t as bad as we didn’t hear much of the construction that was ongoing. Guess the workers tried to keep the volume down for the guests.

Now, we were really surprised when we entered the room. The bed was gorgeous, big (KING!) and comfy. Just the way we liked it to be. There was one hotel which had very soft beds which we eventually got a mild backache after sleeping a night in it. Space was not an issue. It’s not a big room but was sufficient for us both to move about comfortably. The automatic curtains added a touch of posh to the place as well.

While the sleeping place was modest, the hotel took much effort in the design of the bathroom. I do not have a full picture of the whole bathroom, but you can imagine how much I loved the bathroom just by looking at the bathtub!:p

It wasn’t the usual bathing tub. The design was pretty unique and there are another separate place for showering as well. The bathroom was really spacious, clean, modern and luxurious. Okay, let’s do a litte treasure hunt…

Guess what’s the steaming basket doing in the bathroom?:p

Ta-dah! Cute and innovative isn’t it? 🙂 They give quality products which I enjoy using. I usually dislike using the toothbrushes hotels provide as they are usually flimsy and the toothpaste would taste weird (to me!) But not this time. They also provided things like bath salts, shaver, and the usuals.

What I liked about the hotel is the focus on quality of experience. They provided not just any coffee and tea, but tea from TWG (my fav!) and coffee from a Nespresso machine. They selected 4 flavours for the guests and we had fun tasting all of them.

My favourite was the purple capsule which made really creamy coffee. Yummy! The Bf’s fav’s the one in black.

This is the hotel pool. Different design but small. We weren’t quite motivated to go down for a swim with all the renovation going on.

So after exploring our room, we left to enjoy the activities in Sentosa. Due to its 40th birthday celebration, There was quite some buzz going around in the island. There were entertaining buskers who were amazing and like I mentioned earlier, some privilges for those born in 1972. For example, the Tiger Sky Tower and the 4D Magix (Pirates) were free for the BF and we only had to purchase tickets for me. Even so, the Tiger Sky Tower was at a discounted rate as well.

While I am happy with the promotions, what disappointed us as the lack of upgrades in the attractions. Well, really, in the face of stiff competition from Universal Studio which is just a stone’s throw away and the Lego Land in nearby JB, Sentosa needs to consider refreshing its current stable of attractions in order to make people feel wowed and want to come back again, especially for the locals. For example, the content of the narration played during the Tiger Sky Tower was not updated, hence according to it, RWS is still under construction. And I have gone for the 4D Magix (Pirates) when I was young and I went for it again with O this time round. Graphics were not impressive and if I didn’t remember wrongly, there’s  no change to the storyline as well.

Guess what we saw at the Cable Car area? Say hello to Angry Birds. Now you can ‘fly’ with Angry Birds!

For dinner, we made our way to Vivocity for very yummy beef noodles. And here comes our supper. Coffee & tea with meat bun!Hohoho! We then ended the night early, with me falling asleep as Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle played on TV.

We woke up to a beautiful morning, fresh and well rested. Exploring Sentosa in the morning was a joy a it was quiet and we could take many photographs without strangers in them. Here’s a picture of the Lake of Dreams at RWS. Truly tranquil in the morning. 🙂

Breakfast was at Coffee Bean. And I saw those CBTL machine…. oooh really tempted to buy one!

We checked out at 12 and went off to Candylicious to buy some goodies.

Something for everyone! Can’t go wrong with sweets and chocolates in our family! 😉

We then went for a movie (Ted) and some shopping (Franc Franc) before going off.

Truly, it was a great time staying at the hotel and exploring Sentosa. 🙂 Appreciated the time off. And I can’t wait for the hotel to complete its renovation as I’m sure it would look GREAT! Yup, hopefully we can come back again soon! Lastly, I feel that Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa is a hotel that is full of sincerityand genuinely wants to make their guests feel pampered. They are not simply selling a night’s stay to you (come-back-and-bathe-before-you-are-out-again-kinda-hotel) but they are selling an experience, a lifestyle when one is on vacation. Judging from the stay, they have put in much thoughts on what makes a hotel that their guests would want to come back to again and again. Thumbs up! 🙂


Happy Birthday, Baby!

I realised I have not bought a present for O in a long while just because I wanted to. In fact, I even forgot about our anniversary date! Blah! So the sudden inspiration came when I decided to wrap up all the stuff into presents, intending for him to unwrap 1 as each day passed by.


Here are the presents!:)

And he specifically asked for a new bottle of perfume too, so off we went as a family to choose for him… And we all decided on…


A little pricey compared to another of our choice but we love the smell! ❤

So, what happened on the actual day?



I had steak while he had pork – his treat!:p a simple meal to end a hard day at work.


I also popped by to buy him 2 slices of cake from Bakerzinc! 🙂


No candles but was still fun, with us recording silly messages on video. 🙂

And the celebration officially ended with a glass of wine…

Happy Birthday, Love

<;3 Happy Birthday, the love of my life. My one and only! <;3

I felt guilty when I totally forgot about our anniversary and it was him who reminded me about it. Gee, what's happening to me? Signs of taking things for granted?

So… What's up this year for the man of my life? The man who prepares my breakfast every morning. The one who wakes up earlier to settle everything for me just so that I can sleep in. The one who does bulk of the chores at home, the one who cooks better than me… The one who kisses me goodnight. 🙂 It's the simple things he does that touches my heart so deeply.

This year, for O's birthday, I prepared a series of surprises for him. I prepared 5 presents for him, to be opened one each day, till his birthday arrives. It's nothing fanciful but it represents my thoughts and care for him. It's my way of telling him that I notice the details about him and he's always on my mind. And I'm real glad that he likes the presents! Hehe!

I must say… Keeping things alive and making things feel special is a constant effort. I hope the two of us will always show love and care for each other, not only during special occasions, but on a daily basis.:)

Love you, baby!

Happy birthday once again!

Mini Getaway – Albert Court Hotel

🙂 we planned for a short getaway in August at Albert Court Hotel near Bugis area. We left for the hotel but was disappointed to know that there was no room available and we were ‘bumped’ to another hotel. And the hotel wasn’t that near… It was at a different location – VivoCity. So all my plans of shopping at Bugis at night and eating the yummy prawn noodles was dashed! 😦

So off we went to the other hotel called Bay Hotel. It wasn’t as grand as Albert Court and I would say the Albert Court has more character! It’s a pretty new hotel, went into business not too long ago. Hence, I was happy to see a fresh hotel!:)


It’s not exactly a luxury hotel. In my opinion, it was more of a short stopover type because the room was pretty small and there isn’t a bath tub in the room. The sink was also situated at the pantry/dressing area so that it pretty much use up the space cleverly.

There was a pseudo balcony whose for cannot be opened, hence it was pretty much a decorative balcony.

The room is pretty well equipped with a iPhone compatible radio speaker that acts as a charger and a large flat screen tv. There’s also bath robes, slippers and towels that are clean and fresh. Thumbs up!:)

I suppose it’s because of the change of hotels, we actually had the mini bar free. 🙂 Apart from that, we also received a $20 voucher for a minimum $50 spending which I think is their current promotion.

Okay, that’s all for now! Shall continue next time. 🙂

Food from the Heart <3

I love cooking for the BF! Even when I’m tired after a long day at work, I’ll still take joy in whipping a simple meal for the BF. It makes things easier when I’m always on a lookout for simple recipes and the oven and HappyCall Pan have made cooking so much easier!;)

Here’s what I made for one of the dinners.


Simple baked egg and ham! No oil used, so it’s healthier! I’ve replaced the ham with Portobello mushrooms before and it’s even better!

Our current favourite is baked half-shell scallops with Japanese mayo. Yum yum! Have made it a few times and they were all chomped down quickly!:)

Well, one of the best thing about the BF is that he always appreciates food made with love. He appreciates the effort and he would always finish the food cooked for him. That makes me want to keep cooking for him!:)


While doing work together in the study and reading from a text…



And when I brought them out earlier, I exclaimed that I’ve forgotten to buy what I was out for – a coin box. And N said…

N: Ya! Every shop we went in was shoes or clothes shop.


Eeeek! Must be because of the BF who keeps on commenting about my ballooning collection of shops and clothes!:X